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Exploring Norway by Foot

From the majestic beauty of its fjords to the bustle of Oslo’s streets, Norway is known for its breathtaking sights. While most visitors see the country from a train, boat or car, exploring Norway on foot can be an even more exhilarating experience, giving visitors a unique glimpse at the scenery. Norway has lots of distinct topography, so choose the right shoe for each type of terrain.

Walking through Oslo

Like other major cities, Oslo is pedestrian-friendly, making it easy for walkers to explore the city. Oslo’s pavements are heated to prevent snow and ice, so even in colder months you can experience the city sites without slipping.


Select some comfortable walking shoes and take a stress-reducing stroll around some of Oslo’s most famous landmarks. Explore the natural splendour and incredible statues in Frogner Park, admire the architecture of the City Centre or hit the nature trails along the Akerselva River! Running along the river gives you an unbelievable view of the Oslo Opera House, a breathtaking piece of modern architecture built from white granite, La Facciata, glass and aluminium.

Hiking the Romsdalseggen Ridge

Hiking up to the Romsdalseggen ridge is challenging, but the view of the Norwegian landscape from the ridge is stunning, a view you’ll only see from this unique vantage point. The trail is uneven, rocks are uneven, incline becomes steep and there may be places that are muddy or slippery. Having the appropriate footwear is key to completing this hike and experiencing one of the most amazing vistas in Norway.


When it comes to footwear for hiking the Romsdalseggen ridge, there are a couple suitable options: hiking shoes and hiking boots; for shorter hikes, some people prefer lighter hiking shoes – the hike to the ridge takes most people 5 – 8 hours.

Most day hiking boots and hiking shoes feature a water-resistant leather exterior to keep your feet dry, but day hiking boots also give you the support you need to climb relatively easily and provide extra support to reduce your chances of rolling your ankle, a common accident for inexperienced hikers.


Whether you’re walking or hiking, exploring Norway on foot gives you a new and fresh perspective. Make sure you have the right footwear to make your adventure enjoyable, comfortable and stress-free!