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Behind the Scenes in Norway at our Factory & Showroom


It is our lifelong passion to design and produce the world’s most comfortable and innovative seating at our design studios and factories in Norway.  This year, with a landmark 45 years of Stressless heritage behind us, we are more proud than ever of our history and achievements as ‘innovators of comfort’.

Our commitment to quality takes many forms, not least to ensure that the people who sell our recliners, chairs and sofas are very knowledgeable about our products and expert at helping you find your ideal Stressless.

Which is why, each year we invite a number of retailers to come and visit us in Norway. Not only is it a chance for them to learn about our furniture first hand, but we get to say thank you personally for the important role they play in our success.  As part of the trip, we love to take them to our beautiful showroom in the picturesque town of Alesund and view our production processes at the main factory in Ikkornes, a short distance away on the west coast.

View from Alesund

This trip to Norway is the pinnacle of a series of training opportunities undertaken by retail sales teams over a period of time and people from stores selling Stressless across the globe have made the journey.  Of course, it is not all hard work – we love to treat our visitors with excursions to take in the stunning scenery and sample the great food – we can highly recommend the seafood!  The fact that in the summertime the sun doesn’t go down is another remarkable aspect that our guests always seem to enjoy experiencing.


The Factory Tour

Marina collage

We reach the factory by boat through the majestic fjords and give our visitors a guided tour by a knowledgeable Ekornes employee, so that they can observe and really get to understand what makes us unique as manufacturers of luxury furniture.

To see and feel the components and materials we use – aluminium, steel, wood, leather – and witness the different stages of production and assembly is fascinating and something we never take for granted – a bit like the stunning views from our factory windows!

Factory collage

It is quite something to watch our robots at work, programmed to carry out precise jobs, 24 hours a day, as well as the expert hand crafting we rely on from our skilled workers.

Stressless box

At our factory, we really take pride in our environmental policy and work in harmony with the natural resources, for example generating power and recycling water from the fjords.

The Ekornes Bua Showroom

Showroom collage

Our Ekornes Bua Showroom is a large, characterful building of over 500 square metres, featuring rustic beams set over several floors, so we can display a great deal of our collections here, all arranged in the latest stylish room settings that are designed to inspire.  The Showroom is an important hub for our company; a place to welcome visitors for meetings, photoshoots and trade shows etc.

From the feedback we receive from those who have taken part in our training school, the trip is seen as a great learning opportunity and a chance to talk to the Ekornes staff and fellow retailers.  We like to think attendees go away with much more brand knowledge to share with their retail sales colleagues and customers alike – as well as, hopefully, happy memories of our beautiful country!

It’s another part of the Ekornes story we wanted to share with you that shows our desire to provide excellence in everything we make and do.  It’s the Stressless way.