Stressless Style

45 Years of Stressless: New Millennial

Like. RT. Say it all in 140 characters.

Follow, unfollow. Emojis, shares, friend, unfriend.

Technology and social media transformed our lives, we discovered gifs and Google. And then we texted our friends to tell them all about it.

The world might have felt a little more fragile but we still enjoyed a Bad Romance with Lady Gaga, were entertained by Robbie and tapped our Converse along to the sounds of Coldplay.

And Kylie’s gold hotpants… well, they were good too.


Top Movies

Bridget Jones’s Diary
Ocean’s Eleven
Bend It Like Beckham
Pirates of the Caribbean

Top Music

Top of the Pops
Kylie: Spinning Around
Black Eyed Peas: Where Is The Love?
Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl
White Stripes: Seven Nation Army
Destiny’s Child: Survivor
Kanye West: Stronger


Fashion in the 2000’s

Current Affairs

ASIMO the Robot
Harry Potter Book Launch
Golden Jubilee
Human Genome Project Completed
Text Messages