Stressless Style

45 Years of Stressless: The 80’s

Big hair, big shoulders, big earrings, bleached jeans.

From mullets to Live Aid…there was nothing subtle about the Eighties.

We moonwalked with Michael Jackson, holidayed with Madonna. We tugged on our legwarmers and got physical, then shed a tear as Charles married Di and the Berlin Wall tumbled. There was MTV and, come to think, who really did shoot JR?

So there were Rubik’s Cubes to solve and new fangled mobile phones the size of bricks to figure out. But at least we had Crocodile Dundee, Super Mario and Indiana Jones to help.

Top Movies

Back to the Future
Die Hard
Top Gun
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Top Singles

Top of the Pops
NME List
Spotify’s 100 Hits of the ’80s Playlist
Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson: Thriller
Madonna: Holiday
Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Fashion in the 1980’s

Current Affairs

Sony Walkman
Atari 2600
First Space Shuttle Launch
Launch of the DeLorean Sports Car
Charles and Di Wedding
Berlin Wall